Hearing Impairment

Exemption for Deaf or Severely Hearing Impaired Persons (Chapter 72:38-B)

Exemption for Deaf or Hearing Impaired applications can be found here.

  • Must have 71 Db average hearing loss or greater in the better ear as determined by a licensed audiologist or qualified otolaryngologist, who may rely on a visual means of communication, such as American Sign Language or speech recognition, and whose hearing is so impaired as to substantially limit the person from processing linguistic information through hearing, with or without amplification, so as to require the use of an interpreter or auxiliary aid.
  • Income Requirement (2022)*

    Single:  $51,520

    Married:    $69,680   
  • *Figures are based on 4 times the 2021 Federal Poverty Level

  • Net Assets (excluding the value of your actual residence and up to two acres of land) may not exceed $150,000. Requirement are similar to those for the Senior Exemption.
  • Unlike the Senior Exemption residency requirement that has been reduced to three years from five years beginning in 2007, to qualify for the hearing impaired exemption you must have resided in new Hampshire for at least five years as of April 1 of the year you wish to begin receiving the exemption. If your spouse owns the real estate, you must have been married for at least five years.

Application Information

Application for Deaf Exemption