Inspection Policy

General Rules

  • No work is to be concealed until inspected and permission given to proceed.
  • Pictures will not be accepted as proof of code compliance.
  • The inspectors must visually inspect the work.

Inspections & Scheduling

  1. The maximum number of inspections per day is fifteen (15) per inspector per day.
  2. The second Wednesday of every month no inspections will be scheduled. Both inspectors participate in monthly code compliance training and are out for the entire day. Please keep this in mind as this time frame never varies.
  3. Department policy requires a minimum of twenty-four (24) hour notice to schedule inspections. Please note there are times, (due to heavy inspection requests, vacations, meetings, or other commitments) it may be advisable to make inspection requests further ahead than 24 hours. All requests must be made during Building Department business hours Monday - Friday. Inspection requests must be left in the inspection voice mailbox (472-4567). Note: Inspection requests left on the phone system outside our business hours (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.), on weekends, and during holidays will be scheduled the 2nd business day after the date of the request. The time stamp on our phone system shall determine if the message is left outside business hours
  4. Inspections are scheduled according to geographic location in order to allow inspectors to establish the most efficient route each day. Generally we are not able to accept requests for specific inspection times. However if you wish to request a specific time for your inspection you must first request the inspection per the requirements above, then you must contact one of the inspectors directly to see if we are able to accommodate the request. Requests for specific times via the inspection line or left with the department administrative assistant will not be honored.
  5. Non-compliance items requiring more than two (2) inspections may not be scheduled for reinspection until after a minimum 48 hour delay and then subject to available time on the inspection schedule (hours are calculated on business days).
  6. Consecutive inspections for the same item (if you plan on failing) may not be scheduled at one time. Request for follow-up inspections for the same item(s) will be scheduled on an as-available basis. Previously scheduled inspections will have priority over follow-up inspections
  7. All work for which an inspection is being requested must be complete and ready for inspection during normal inspection hours on the date of the requested inspection. If at the time the inspector arrives, if the work is not ready for inspection there may be up to a 48-hour delay before another inspection can be scheduled. Any inspection may be canceled prior to 9 a.m. on the day of the inspection.