The Bedford Health Department’s primary focus is environmental health. While we do not provide health care services we may be able to guide you to information sources about your health concerns. 


Restaurant & Septic concern reporting



The Health Officer and the Deputy Health Officer actively participate in the New Hampshire Health Officers Association and regional activities for pandemic planning sponsored by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. The Health Department performs the following functions:

Residential Rental Property

The health department also responds to complaints about residential rental property in town. In addition to the rental property regulations set forth in the State of New Hampshire RSA 48-A:14 the Town of Bedford has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code. This maintenance code does not apply to owner occupied property. Individuals need to be cognizant of the limitations of our authority and be aware this department cannot become involved in landlord tenant disputes. Currently the Town of Bedford does not require rental property to be reinspected after its initial approval for occupancy.

Bedbug Information & Guidance