Request an Inspection

Calling to Request

  1. Call the inspection request line at 603-472-4567
  2. Leave your name, phone number, and permit number.
  3. Indicate the type of inspection you need to have performed (for foundation footings only - indicate what time you will be ready).

Confirmation Call

You will not receive a confirmation call for your inspection unless the list for the day you have requested is full or the inspectors are not going to be available on the day of your request.

Incomplete Documentation

If the documentation or system permits required for the inspection have not been provided in advance or pulled, as noted on your permit or on the inspection requirement page, the inspection will not be performed.

Timing of Request

If you leave your request after normal business hours, on weekends, or town observed holidays, the request will not be scheduled until the 2nd business day after you leave the request. The time stamp on the Town phone system will be the default time messages are left. For example, if you call on a Saturday, the inspection will be scheduled for the following Tuesday, not Monday.