Obtaining a Building Permit

Applications & Requirements

Building permit applications are available from the front desk in the Building Department or here on the website. In addition to a completed application for each project there are specific requirements for information needed to process permit applications.

Residential Structures

The department handbook (PDF) has a complete list of documentation required for new 1 and 2 family dwellings and for non-residential structures. Most residential projects do not require sealed structural plans provided the plans comply with the prescriptive requirements of the code. It is up to the code official to determine when engineered plans are required. Plumbing, mechanical and electrical plans are required on a case-by-case basis.

Other Types of Permits

Permit submissions for other types of structures are not as complex and the documents required are as follows:
  • For Additions: you need to supply a plot plan showing the new addition as well as the existing structure, framing plans, floor plans with the intended use of each room clearly marked, energy code compliance forms completely filled out and if the addition is being used to relocate an existing bedroom you need to supply floor plans for the dwelling before the addition and after with all rooms labeled as to their use.
  • For Decks: you need to supply a plot plan showing the deck location and a framing plan for the deck.
  • For Other Structures (detached garages, large storage buildings, pool cabanas, etc.): you will need to supply a plot plan showing the location of the new structure, framing plans, floor plans with rooms labeled as to their use and energy code compliance if the building is to be heated with electricity or fossil fuels.
  • For Remodels: you need to supply before and after floor plans and details for any structural framing modifications to be made.
  • For Sheds: you need to supply a plot plan (PDF) and a framing plan (if you have a brochure for a pre-built shed please submit a copy of the brochure).
  • For Swimming Pools: you need to supply a plot plan showing the pool location, the location of your septic system (if applicable) and the specifications for your pool as to shell construction and if there will be a heater and the fuel source for the heater.