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Beals Road Cemetery

Bedford Center Cemetery

Joppa Hill Cemetery

Old Bedford Cemetery/Back River Road

The Town of Bedford Cemetery Trustees are responsible for four formally designated burial grounds. Three cemeteries date from colonial times and rarely accommodate new burials. The fourth cemetery, at Bedford Center, is active and has burial plots available for purchase in the New Section. Click HERE to visit our interactive website to search for and view available plots for sale. If you are considering the purchase of a cemetery plot please contact a Cemetery Trustee.  

All Bedford cemeteries are publicly accessible. The descendants of James Walker erected a memorial stone to the two Walker brothers who established the first homestead in Bedford in 1737. Not technically a grave site, this monument stands just off Station Road near the west bank of the Merrimack River. 

Bedford’s oldest graveyard is located at the top of a steep rise and not visible from the nearest public street, Back River Road. Many of its historic stones are fragile. Through our website images of these beautifully carved but endangered monuments can be viewed with ease.

Beals Road Cemetery dates from the late 1700s, as does the Joppa Hill Cemetery north of the Campbell Road intersection. Each historic cemetery served Bedford residents until it filled. Only descendants with proven inheritance rights who can demonstrate that there are spaces available in the family plots may be buried in these quiet grounds.

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Cemetery Plots

The Bedford Center Cemetery hilltop is the only location available to purchase plots.
1 Full Burial Plot (4 cremations)-$750.00
2 Full burial plot (8 cremations)-$1,500
4 Full burial plot (16 cremations)-$3,000

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Bylaws of the Cemetery Trustees (PDF)