Board/Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Much of the business of town government is conducted by appointed volunteers who contribute generously of their time and effort. The Town of Bedford currently has approximately 12 appointed boards, committees and commissions. Although the frequency of meetings varies depending on the responsibilities and workload of the particular committee or commission, most meet either monthly or biweekly. For more information on a specific board, committee or commission please check the Boards and Committees link in the column to the left.

If you are interested in serving Bedford as an appointed volunteer, please complete the Board Application and return it to Dawn Boufford in the Town Manager’s Office.

Current Openings

Committee Openings    
Planning Board

Board of Adjustment

Historic District Commission

Conservation Commission

Parks & Recreation Commission

Energy Commission

Highway Safety Committee


Water & Sewer Advisory Committee

Telecommunications Committee

Cemetery Trustee

Town Treasurer
​​2 Regular

​​1 Regular

1 Alternate

2 Regular

​​​2 Regular

2 Members

1 Regular

2 Members

1 member

1 Member

1 Member

1 Position

1 Alternate

1 Alternate

2 Alternate

1 Alternate

1 Alternate