About the Bedford Fire Department

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Our Foundation


(why we exist): The mission of the Bedford Fire Department is to strengthen the safety of our community through planning, preparation, emergency response, and risk reduction.


(what we strive for): The Bedford Fire Department will be a community leader that provides the level of safety that is expected by those we serve.


(why we come to work): Making our community better every day.


(How we do it):
  • TRUST - loyalty, responsibility, communication, accountability
  • LEADERSHIP - humility, recognition, teamwork, service, sacrifice
  • PROFESSIONALISM - civility, integrity, kindness, knowledge, excellence, morality, dedication, fitness (mental and physical)


The Bedford Fire Department was formally established in 1922. Previously, the Town relied on Piscataquog Village for fire protection. Its first elected Chief was Harry Hilchey. The first Fire Station was erected in 1930 behind the Town Hall. The fire station remained in that location until 1994 when it relocated to the present Public Safety Complex. Also in 1930, the Town bought a new fire truck: The Sanford, which remains with the Town today. From the day it arrived, it has been a source of pride for the Town and especially the members of the Fire Department.

Town of Bedford Fire Chiefs
Harry Hilchey 1922-1935
Walter Melendy 1936-1963
Ernest “Red” Jenkins 1963-1965
Ralph Wiggin Jr. 1965-1992
Robert Fabisch 1992-1996
Joseph Clow 1997-2001
Scott Wiggin 2001-2019
Scott Hunter 2019-

For a more thorough history of the Bedford Fire Department, please consult The History of Bedford, NH 1737-1971. Published by the Bedford Historical Society.

Protection Area

The Bedford Fire Department protects approximately 24,000 residents living in both a rural and suburban area of 32.83 square miles in southeastern New Hampshire. The community of Bedford is evolving. At the confluence of several major highways, Bedford has developed in its residential settings and its commercial areas. We are proud of our diverse community and our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service for our residents, visitors and businesses.

The Bedford Fire Department is an all-hazards response and risk reduction department answering around 3,000 calls in a year, the majority being Emergency Medical Services responses. Other responses include fire, hazardous materials, motor vehicle collisions, technical rescue. The fire department actively works to reduce risk in our community through education and code enforcement.

Staff & Station

The Bedford Fire Department is led by Chief Scott Hunter and has one station which is located near the intersection of Route 101 and Route 114. The Bedford Fire Department operates as a combination Fire Department. Twenty-four firefighters along with four lieutenants work a rotating shift schedule. The Bedford Fire Department has a call division that provides Fire and EMS protection for the town.

In addition to responding to Fire, Emergency Medical, and Rescue calls, each shift is also responsible for maintaining their preparedness through training and professional development.   


The Fire Department Administration includes a full-time Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, Captain of Fire Prevention, Captain of Training/EMS, Fire Inspector and Administrative Assistant. There are also two, full time Building Inspectors, a part-time Health Inspector and part-time Administrative Technician.

Communications Center 

The Communications Division for the Town of Bedford is staffed with 9 civilian personnel, who dispatch for the Bedford Police & Fire Departments.  They are located in the Bedford Safety Complex on Constitution Drive. They dispatch on 156.180 MHz with a PL of 94.8. 

Major Roadways

Major roadways include State Routes 101, 114, and 3, as well as Interstate Highway 293 (with a portion of this being the Fredrick Everett Turnpike). During the rush hour periods these roadways, as well as the town roads within the mall district, are routinely grid locked. This results in many serious motor vehicle accident responses, as well as extremely stressful emergency driving conditions.

Bordering Areas

The town is bordered by Amherst, Goffstown, Merrimack, New Boston, and Manchester, New Hampshire. The Bedford Fire Department participates in border area mutual aid and Souhegan Fire mutual aid.  We provide and receive apparatus and personnel for major incidents and/or times of overwhelming call volume.