Fire Prevention & Safety

The Bedford Fire Department Prevention Division provides the town with fire code enforcement based on the NFPA Life Safety Code.


Our mission is to provide inspections on all commercial properties within the town every year. The main focus of this work is in code analysis, review, and judicious enforcement.


Other functions of the bureau focus on plan reviews for specific types of life safety early warning systems, including sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, hood extinguishment systems, clean agent systems, above and below ground tank installations and removals. We also handle complaints by citizens of potential fire life safety hazards.

Fire Safety Education

Additionally, the Fire Prevention Bureau offers fire safety education materials and assistance to schools, day care centers, hospitals, block clubs, businesses and other groups.
For Fire, Open, Then Pull Down Hook, 1500


Typical inspection services provided by the Bedford Fire Department include, but are not limited to:
  • Childcare facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Fire Alarm, sprinkler system, and fire suppression systems
  • Fire and Life Safety Code compliance for commercial and residential occupancies
  • New construction
  • Other inspections as permits require

Requests & Questions

At your request, the Bedford Fire Department staff will inspect unique situations for code compliance. The department is also willing to answer any and all questions from the public. These may include topics such as:
  • Accident prevention
  • Code research
  • Community wellness
  • General fire safety
  • Life safety
Call 603-472-3219 with questions or use our online form to send a request for inspection.