Fire Prevention & Safety

Our Mission

To protect our community through education, engineering, and enforcement while supporting emergency response and providing the highest level of customer service thereby making our community better every day.

Our Vision

To set the standards of excellence for prevention and risk reduction programs.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop and maintain partnerships throughout the community as a means to educate the public and receive feedback from those that we serve.
  • Provide clear, consistent, and timely communications to our customers ensuring that their value to our organization is understood.
  • Apply codes, standards, and ordinances with deliberation, consistency, fairness, and consideration for the intent of the code. 
  • Serve as the brand ambassador of the organization and provide the "public face" of the Bedford Fire Department.
  • Encourage customers to embrace codes as loss-prevention strategies rather than merely means to achieve compliance.
  • Advocate for code revision at the local, sate, and national levels based upon scientific observations of risk reduction afforded by realistic solutions.

Organizational Values

Service - We exist solely to serve our community, which includes our residents, visitors, businesses and their customers, other town departments, and our employees and their families.
Trust - Effective partnerships are built upon trust. Trust promotes teamwork, collaboration, and allows us to effectively deliver our service.
Excellence - Everything we do is to the best of our knowledge, skills, and abilities. We strive every day to improve ourselves and our ability to serve our community.