Public Bathing Facilities

Effective January 1, 2008 the town has assumed the routine inspection responsibilities for all public bathing facilities in town. The town has assumed this role for the same reason Bedford is self-inspecting for restaurants. Given the limited number of state personnel to oversee these facilities  the Town Council has determined it is in the best interest of its residents to become self-inspecting for this type of bathing facility.

Definition of a Public Bathing Facility

A public bathing facility is any pool or hydrotherapy spa that is not part of a single-family dwelling. Even if a pool or spa is not open to the general public, it may still be considered a public pool because it’s use is not restricted to the owner/occupant of a single family home or their guests.

Facilities in Town

Currently there are 18 facilities that meet the criteria of a public bathing facility here in town. These facilities will follow the Public Bathing Rules (Env-wq1100) (PDF), and the requirements of article 3 and 4 of Chapter 3 of the municipal ordinances. The facilities will be required to secure a yearly license for their operation.

Private Pool & Spa Maintenance

​Open bodies of water in NH are monitored by the

DES Beach Inspection program

. In Bedford, Sebbins Pond is monitored by DES.