Septic Systems

As provided in the state statutes and the Bedford Health Ordinance the health department is an active participant in the installation of on site septic systems.

Required Approval

All new sub-surface septic system designs, and requested waivers for those designs, must be approved by the town prior to being submitted to the state for approval. The town reviews the designs for compliance with any local septic regulations, article 208-9 of Chapter 208 of the municipal ordinances, as well compliance for subdivision or site plan approvals that may have an impact on the locations of on site septic systems.

New Systems

New septic system designs must be brought to the Health Department for review and approval prior to being submitted to the Department of Environmental Services (DES) for state approval. We do not review the plans for compliance with the EnvWq-1000 rules (PDF) but for compliance with local subdivision rules that may affect the location of the system and compliance with the local health ordinance. Bedford follows the DES subsurface rules for individual sewage disposal system with only a few local modifications. The local modifications are included in the Bedford Health Ordinance (PDF) which may be viewed by following this link.

In-Kind Septic Replacements

The state of New Hampshire DES will permit "in-kind" septic system replacements but with special rules. The town will treat the new "in-kind" just like a new design and will not witness test pits. The town needs to sign the form before it is sent to the state.

Permits & Inspections

Permits are required for the installation of systems and we require a basil inspection for these systems.

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