Party Affiliation

Party Affiliation at Registration

When registering to vote you are not required to register as a member of a political party (i.e., as a Republican or Democrat) You may register as an “undeclared” (independent) voter. Listing oneself as “undeclared” means that one has no party preference; there is no “independent” party.

Primary Elections

In primary elections, an “undeclared” voter may request any party’s ballot and will be listed on the checklist in the future as affiliated with that party. During primary elections, the law allows “undeclared” voters to pick a party at the polls, vote the ballot of that party, and then request to change their party affiliation back to “undeclared” after voting at the polls.

Changing Affiliation

Changing Party Affiliation on Election Day

  • Can only be done after voting
  • Return to the Voter Registration Area and sign the Undeclared Voter book

Changing Affiliation Prior To or After Election Day

The change affiliation at a time other than Election Day, do one of the following:


Cutoff schedule for Party Affiliation changes prior to elections:
  • 10 Days prior to a Town, School or General Election
  • 90 Days prior to a Primary Election