Are You OK?

Are You OK?  is a program run by the Bedford Police Department that offers aging adults or homebound residents of the Town of Bedford a daily phone call to check on their welfare. The program is computer controlled and constantly monitored by a member of the Bedford Police Department. Participants in this program select a convenient time they wish to be called and each and every day at that preselected time a call will be initiated to their home. If we receive an answer and all is in order no further action is taken. If, however, no one answers the call, the computer generates an alert to our communications center and an officer will immediately be sent to the residence to make sure there is no problem to the person who is living alone.

This program has been very successful for older people who have fallen down and can't get up due to weakness or injury, and may not have been able to make it to a phone to call for help.  Many lives have been saved and many people were rescued hours or days before they might have been otherwise checked on.  THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS PROGRAM.

For more information or to be included in the Are You OK? calling process all you need to do is contact the Bedford Police Department and request an application or fill out an application here. 

Are You OK Application

If you would like more information about this program please call us at 472-5113.