Mission Statement

The Assessing Department ensures that all property within the Town of Bedford is assessed fairly and in accordance with the New Hampshire laws governing taxation. The Department conducts various practices to ensure an equitable distribution of the tax burden. With an automated data base that allows for annual, incremental changes in property value when and where necessary, the Department is able to keep pace with the ever changing real estate market. This standalone method indexes property values annually to reflect an assessment which correlates with assessing guidelines of between 90% and 110% of fair market value as of April 1st of each tax year.

General Responsibilities

  • Administer State statutes governing taxation. Perform statistical analysis to monitor market trends and ratio studies
  • Annually review property tax assessments based upon market research and analysis, updating when and where necessary
  • Assist other departments and agencies on an as needed basis
  • Conduct investigations to evaluate property changes. Involves conducting on-site inspections, meetings with property owners, and researching modifications made to properties.
  • Maintain property tax data files, property record cards, and various departmental databases
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of State of New Hampshire tax law
  • Processing of applications for tax exemption and/or credit programs
  • Provide assessment related data to various entities, taxpayers, and the general public
  • Respond to taxpayer requests, and provide customer service in person, via email, or over the telephone
  • Responsible for administering the tax abatement process
  • Town authority for all property assessment and related issues