DPW Permitting - PermitLink

November 18, 2022 - with the onset of winter weather conditions, permits issued by the Public Works Department will cease for the winter season. Issuing of Public Works permits will resume in April of 2023.

All DPW Permitting is now available On-Line!

For all permits that are issued by DPW (driveway, street opening, deduct water meter, residential and commercial sewer) property owners and contractors can now create an account and apply for these permits through the PermitLink on-line permitting portal

For instructions on how to register and use the PermitLink system, click here.

To go directly to the PermitLink system, click here.

Before applying for a Street Opening Permit, please read and review the Right-of-Way Opening Permit and Utility Pavement Cut Restoration Guidelines

To view the Town's GIS Map click here.

Open trench excavation shall not be allowed for those sections of roadway where new asphalt wearing course has been constructed within the prior five (5) years. Click here to see the 5 year road moratorium map and list.