"From the Chief's Office"

"From the Chief's Office" provides public information on the Bedford Fire Department's Mission, Vision, long-term planning, and strategic goals to make our Vision a reality.
Mission (why we exist): The mission of the Bedford Fire Department is to strengthen the safety of our community through planning, preparation, emergency response, and risk reduction.

Vision (what we strive for):
The Bedford Fire Department will be a community leader that provides the level of safety that is expected by those we serve.

Purpose (why we come to work): Making our community better every day.

Values (How we do it):

TRUST - loyalty, responsibility, communication, accountability
LEADERSHIP - humility, recognition, teamwork, service, sacrifice
PROFESSIONALISM - civility, integrity, kindness, knowledge, excellence, morality, dedication, fitness (mental and physical)

Chief Scott Hunter
Please watch the video on NFPA 1710 before asking yourself, "how many firefighters does Bedford have on duty?".
Click, hold, and drag between the ** to reveal the answer:
*The Bedford Fire Department has four shifts of (7) firefighters that work a rotating 24/72 schedule. There are 6-7 firefighters on duty at any given time, they also cross-staff two ALS ambulances which each require two personnel to operate*