Utility, Poles, and Wires Committee

The Bedford Poles and Wires Committee is established for oversight of the proper utilization, construction, and installation of telegraph, television, telephone, electric light, and electric power poles and structures and underground conduits and cables, including personal wireless telecommunications facilities, along with their respective attachments and appurtenances, within the Town of Bedford's public right-of-way. 

Meeting Dates & Deadlines:

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Rules of Procedure:

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Right-of-Way Ordinance Application:

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Click here for the Right-of-Way Ordinance 

ROW Application Fees: 

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Questions regarding the Right-of-Way Ordinance or Poles and Wires Committee can be directed to the Bedford Planning Department:  Phone 603-472-5243 or E-mail planning@bedfordnh.org. 

Committee Members:

Becky Hebert, Lori Radke, Jeff Foote.