Operations Bureau


Michael J. Monahan
Bedford Police Department
  Bedford, New Hampshire

Captain Monahan will command the Operations Bureau, which includes the Patrol Operations Division and Detective Division with the same sections, units and programs as under the previous organizational structure.

Captain Monahan entered on duty with the Bedford Police Department on June 2, 2002, after having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science/Conservation Law Enforcement in May 2002 from Unity College, Unity, Maine. 

Prior to graduation from Unity College, Captain Monahan served as an intern with the Pittsfield, Maine Police Department and was certified as a Reserve Officer by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  During his internship, Captain Monahan’s interviewing and investigation prowess was identified and acknowledged by the Pittsfield Police Department.  Prior to graduation from Unity College, Captain Monahan also worked as a dispatcher for the Maine Warden Service as part of “Operation Game Thief.”

Captain Monahan successfully completed the 129th Session of the NH Police Academy on November 15, 2002, and went on to distinguish himself as a patrol officer having received numerous internal acknowledgments from the Department as well as a number of letters of appreciation from the public.  Captain Monahan was acknowledged and praised by the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office for his investigative work in State v. Belfort.  He was also acknowledged by the Merrimack Police Department for his work that led to the arrests of three residential burglary suspects.  The NH State Police also acknowledged then-officer Monahan for his efforts in deploying spike-strips that successfully and safely terminated a state police vehicular pursuit.

Captain Monahan was promoted to “Juvenile Officer/Detective” in 2006 and was later promoted to Detective Sergeant on January 4, 2011.  Then Detective SGT Monahan went on to distinguish himself in many complex and serious investigations including the notorious 7 Proclamation Court home invasion case for which he received a Meritorious Service Award. 

Captain Monahan received training and certifications in many disciplines during his more than 20 years of service; including certification as a Drug Recognition Expert, child forensic interviewing, evidence collection and processing, use of telephone records in criminal investigations, cellular telephone forensic investigations, homicide and crime scene investigations, close-quarter battle instructor, use of force-simunitions and certification as a forensic polygraph examiner.  Captain Monahan was integral in improving school safety having led the Department’s efforts to train more than 700 employees of the Bedford School District.

Captain Monahan successfully utilized and applied all the knowledge, skills, training and experience he acquired during his career, which resulted in his successive career advancements up to and including his promotion to LT/Detective Division on January 31, 2021. 

He acquitted himself exceedingly well in a host of serious and complex investigations conducted as a detective, Detective SGT and LT as well as managing his cases and those of his colleagues.  As a Detective SGT and later as LT, he proved highly effective in building relationships with Federal, state and county attorneys as well as members of various Federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement organizations in support of the Department’s investigations.  His investigative and supervisory prowess was illustrated during the 7 Proclamation Court home invasion investigation during, which he built a coalition of Federal, state, county and local investigators and prosecutors that ultimately led to the identification and successful prosecution of the two perpetrators of this crime.

During his tenure as LT/Detective Division he contributed to the Department’s response to the double-homicide in August 2021 and he supervised the Department’s investigative support for the double homicide as well as the fatal airplane crash in December 2021.  His expertise and investigative acumen was evident in the Department’s most serious criminal and general investigative efforts.

Captain Monahan was sworn in as Captain on May 9, 2022 where he not only received a new rank within the Department, but the responsibility to oversee the merger of the Patrol Operations Division and Detective Division within the Operation Bureau.