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Posted on: April 16, 2020

National Telecommunicators Week

This week we have been recognizing our Communications Specialists/Dispatchers for National Telecommunicators Week. They act as a critical lifeline to our Police and Fire Departments. 

Chief John Bryfonski addressed all Department employees earlier this week stating:

"Each year we take notice and recognize our valued FIRST RESPONDERS who work in our Communications Center.

Yes-Communications Specialists in our ComCenter are truly FIRST RESPONDERS no LESS ESSENTIAL than police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.  They are on the FRONT LINES of public safety along with their brothers and sisters in the field 24/7/365.  They have EARNED and DEMAND the same quotient of RESPECT and place of honor as our uniformed first responders in the field.

Their work is as harried and unpredictable as those on the “other end of the microphone” and the requirements placed upon them for PRECISION and INFORMATION GATHERING is VITAL to the safety of every first responder in the field and our public.

Some of our police officers who are qualified and have worked in the ComCenter will attest to the rigorous requirements and steep multi-tasking operations that occur almost every shift.

In the midst of the pandemic and crisis our Communications Specialists are increasingly vital to maintaining the health and safety of our police officers, firefighters and emergency medical service personnel with the requirement to determine whether our first responders are headed to a location or person who may be sick, positive for the virus and thus at greater risk.

We TRUST them with our lives and the lives of our residents who may be living through the worst or perhaps the last moments of their lives.

I have the greatest esteem and RESPECT for their knowledge, skills and abilities and work they do 24/7/365 and thus take this moment to shine the light upon them to RECOGNIZE them individually and organizationally.

I urge all our employees to take a moment out of your day to send them a note or email, since we’re in LOCKDOWN, to acknowledge their work and perhaps brighten the shift.

To ALL our Communications Specialists on behalf of ALL our First Responders and the PUBLIC a resounding THANK YOU for all you do and your CONTINUED HARD WORK to make our ComCenter amongst the best of its kind anywhere."

These unsung everyday heroes are always there to answer the call and we thank them!

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