What do I do if I have been given a Bad Check?
Before the Bedford Police Department can investigate a Bad Check complaint, certain steps must be taken by the reporting party. Each victim must first send a letter to the writer of the check stating the check was not honored and demand payment within 14 days time via certified mail with return receipt requested.

Second, the victim must be willing to prosecute the writer and agree not to accept any restitution before prosecution takes place. The Bedford Police will not investigate a Bad Check if the check was post dated, more than 60 days old, used to pay a gambling debt, if any partial payment for the debt was received, the check was written for less than $100 from an in-state bank or $500 from an out of state bank.

Additionally, the Bedford Police will not investigate a Bad Check complaint if the check was returned with “Stop Payment” on it, the check was not presented to the bank within 10 days of receipt, the check is a government check, a third party check, a check that the victim accepted as payment for another Bad Check from the writer, is a payroll check with “Account Closed” or “Insufficient Funds” on it, or if the writer was not, and can not be positively identified as the person who passed the check.

For those who fail to meet the criteria for the Bedford Police Department to investigate a Bad Check allegation, they should seek a civil course of action in small claims court. For those subjects who have a received a Bad Check regarding a payroll check stamped with “Account Closed” or “Insufficient Funds”, they should seek assistance from the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

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