How do I dispose of prescription medicine or sharps (needles)?

As the DEA stated in a previous press release, “With four out of five new heroin users starting with prescription medications, I know our take-back program makes a real difference.” And we here at the Bedford Police Department couldn’t agree more. BPD now has a drug disposal box in our lobby available 24/7 to Bedford residents. This service is available for disposal of unused or expired medications or supplements. It is anonymous and the pills can be in unlabeled bottles or baggies. 

**NO liquids/ointments, needles, inhalers, aerosols, or thermometers accepted.** 

The new Drug Collection Unit represents one of 1,000 Units CVS/pharmacy and The Medicine Abuse Project (MAP), a five-year initiative of The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, are providing across the country. Since we initiated our own prescription drug drop-box in the lobby of the police department on June 16, 2015, we have taken in over HUNDREDS of pounds of prescription medications for disposal. This is an incredibly important step in fighting the drug epidemic in our community and it is something that every single household can do to combat this problem. It is important to note that according to statistics from the Partnership for Drug Free America, 60% of teens who have abused prescription painkillers did so before the age of 15. In addition, the rate of New Hampshire young adults aged 18-25 who reported non-medical use of pain relievers was the HIGHEST of all states reporting [2009-2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health]. 

As we have discovered in the past, discussions on drug take back usually raise questions on proper disposal of medical sharps (needles). In an effort to clarify, here are the options that the Town of Bedford offers for safe and proper needle disposal. Due to the risk to employees these disposal practices MUST be followed: 

-The Transfer Station accepts needles as per the information in the NH Department of Environmental Services Needle document available here:  Please read this document. It is allowed so long as the needles are put in a container that is rigid and puncture-proof, such as a laundry detergent bottle that has the screw-top securely taped and is labeled “Medical Sharps Container –Not for Recycling”. They have signs and labels at the Transfer Station. You can also print off copies of the label at home and tape them to the container. THE LINK FOR LABELS IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS FAQ.  No needles in bags or boxes will be accepted. No exceptions. 

Proper disposal of prescription medications and needles and other sharps can prevent harmful health risks to the public, reduce potential drug abuse, and keep our public servants and employees safe. Thank you for helping us! 

[ ]Disposal Of Medical Sharps - EPA website


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